• Temporary Residence Cards Are As Good As Vietnam Visa

    If you are a foreigner wishing to live in Vietnam over a prolonged period of time to conduct business, study or research it is important to have updated information on immigration policies of Vietnam.

  • Say Goodbye to a Vietnam Visa

    Currently the Government of Vietnam stipulates that a temporary residence card amounting to a Vietnam visa can be issued to an outsider. This document has the maximum validity of three years.


    Owners of joint stock companies, students, professionals, trainees and people who have applied for a work permit in Vietnam are eligible for this temporary residence card (TRC).

    Usually a temporary residence card is issued within seven working days after submitting an application to the Foreign Ministry Office at Vietnam. It has to be collected from the corresponding embassy in owns nation.


    The fees for TRC vary according to the duration for which it has been applied for.For more details, view here.

    How you can get visa even more easily via Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens?

    The conventional method of applying visa for Vietnam is to apply through that country’s embassy. US citizens though can apply for Vietnam visa for US citizens by mail or by visiting as a person in Vietnam embassy.

    But you need to apply for the visa 6 months before the scheduled date of travel to that country. Though applying visa through embassy is the oldest way but Vietnam visa on arrival is much more convenient option rather.

    Procedure for applying Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens


    First of all if you are applying for Visa on arrival, you need to fill an online application form and providing all your personal details along with passport numbers and your date of arrival in that country. Make a payment by using your MasterCard, Visa Credit or debit card or PayPal.


    Soon after filling application form and making payment online, in mere time span of 2 days after submission you will get an approval letter from their end via email. You need to take a colored printout of the attached file along with that mail for reference and 2 passport size photographs along with some money for stamping fee.


    The last step includes filling of an Entry/ Exit form at the Vietnam airport having facility of Visa on arrival. You will be required to show that approval letter, passport, 2 passport size photographs and money (for stamping). After that you will get a visa seal so that you can enter that country with permission.

  • Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens

    Now you must understand the difference between getting visa from embassy and getting Vietnam visa on arrival for US citizens.

    When you apply for visa through embassy you get a visa to enter that country in advance. On the other hand, you get visa on arrival means that visa to enter that country is required but you can apply and get visa after arrival.


    Know the best solution for visa Vietnam with every detail


    So you are planning for a trip to Vietnam. You need your visa to be done without much harassment. Don’t worry this article will clear all your doubts for applying visa Vietnam.

    Why you need visa?


    There are many countries in the world where you can just visit with only your passport. But Vietnam is not such place in that list. You just need to have visa if you want to travel to Vietnam.


    Ways of applying for the visa

    You can apply for Vietnam visa in two ways

    • Via Vietnam embassy
    • Or you can apply for visa on arrival in the international airport at Vietnam

    Points you must remember


    • Visa on arrival is only done in three international airports of Vietnam
    • You can only apply if you have six months of validity of your passports before you are travelling

    Steps to apply for visa Vietnam

    • On reaching the airport you will be provided with the application form
    • Fill it up with the required information according to your passport
    • Submit the form along with the stamp fee
    • Wait for two days as they takes only to working days to call you for visa seal .
    • You have to be present there with the print of the pdf that they provide by mail at the time of submitting the application along with your passport and photos and the necessary documents.


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